So you’re not getting through the mix. You play the parts but nobody seems to hear what you are doing.

Don’t worry about that anymore - we’re going to fix that today! After this lesson you will be coming through loud and clear with sick lead lines!

What I am going to show you is a technique that will allow you to keep the rhythm feel you really enjoy but develop a whole new melodic edge that is going to cut through and sound amazing in the mix!

I’m going to show you how to use inversions!

So the way you wanna learn this starts with looking at the main chords they come from! For this we are using the common sequence:


Lets look at where these notes came from:

Chord 1: A chord

I just played the notes of that chord on the 2nd and 4th string.

Chord 2 : D

I used these 2 notes.

Chord 3 : F#m

I used these 2 notes.

Chord 4 : E

I used these 2 notes.

As you can see those are my shapes!

Here are some different shapes:

A Chord inversions:
D Chord inversions:
F#m Chord inversions:
E Chord inversions:

This is such a cool technique and there are so many different ways you can use it - you can play the 1st and the 2nd strings or the 1st and the 3rd strings!

The possibilities are endless!

Here is a quick summary of everything I just went over:

Now you’re ready! You’re going to cut right through the mix when you use this next time you play!